The Palacio de Cristal nest

A Giant bird landed in Madrid Palacio de Cristal and left a rather strange nest for us to admire.
Just by chance, we saw the most amazing exhibition this summer.
From the outside, you can see beautiful pastel colors and, as you get closer, you notice that there are enormous pink, yellow flowers.
When you come in, high branches are hiding the entrance; it makes it very intriguing.
After a corridor made out of branches, you are in an amazing space with enormous bird legs,  gigantic forsythia, palm seeds, cherry blossom, poppy, carnation, and lilies.
Near the bronze legs, a curious man with a bird head is attracting the selfie crowd. The beautiful colors and the strange atmosphere have an unusual effect on the public.

 “I wanted to conceive Palacio de Cristal as a place for the celebration of love,” Halijaj shares.
It is the work of artists Petrit Halilaj and Alvaro Urbano.
It is will be there until February 28, 2021.