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I started making pottery a while ago but during lockdown the kiln was closed. I continued shaping pots and bowls in my studio but had nowhere to fire them. I did try a fire pit but it didn’t work out.
I was also working on a series of pastel spiral drawings.

Suddenly I connected both ideas: using coiling pottery technique, which is derived from basketry.

My baskets are made with a strong impulsion, similar to a paint stroke: quick and precise, it is raw. I don’t cut all the silk or cotton treads, I love the unfinished look.
It is always a work in process. Even if I consider them as finished pieces, I could take them back at anytime, cut them apart, assemble them with another basket or make a new shape, add a lid…

All my art pieces are made with recycle materials and recycled creations: patchwork pieces, previous embroidery work cut into strips, even beloved dresses, cushions, t-shirts…

Spiral Symbols

I create different collections of baskets or fabric bowls. The first collection is called “Spiral symbol”. I used natural dyes: blackberries, avocado, indigo, hibiscus on French linen.

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Textile Seekers

I was thrilled to receive Textile Seekers amazing fabrics. They have personal story and make this collection of baskets even more special.

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Lace jewellery

For 20 years, I made jewellery using antique lace and vintage sequins.
I stopped making these but still have a few special pieces that will be available to purchase soon.

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