Emma Cassi is a French artist who expresses her creativity in several practices. She was a jewellery designer (HP France in Japan, Anthropologie in USA and UK, Designers Guild in London...) and interior stylist for many years. With Silk, she has adopted an intuitive process in which she allows her creations to develop while she creates them.

She experiments with fiber art through embroidery (Hand & Lock prize), weaving, latch hook, natural dyes...
Beside textile creation, Emma photographs trees and plants, draws and creates herbariums.
Her love for ancient craft took her to learn pottery resulting in the creation of textile objects.

"I'm shaping fabric using the coil technique, the old process of potters derived from basketry, to slowly create shapes. The textile bowls and baskets are made with recycled materials: wool, cotton, silk... anything that gives me a pleasure to touch and work with. I am using a sewing machine to form the shapes with a regular spiral movement.
From time to time, I put the bowls on a potter's whirler to make sure the walls I am building are strong enough and that the shape is what I like. At the end, I spray the objects with starch and essential oil. Each pot is unique and is given the name of a plant or flower."