Baby & girl jewellery

Posted on Nov 26, 2008 in baby and child, bijoux, handmade

The baby and girl jewellery collection is online.


  1. Absolutely Fabulous
    1 December 2008

    these are ADORABLE!!! also love the photography….

  2. Oscar et Lila
    1 December 2008

    Bravo pour vos superbes créations,la collection Enfant est magnifique!!
    Je suis admirative de votre travail!
    Belle continuation.

  3. carlotta
    3 December 2008

    these are just delightful and the photography is beautiful aswell!

  4. oldflowers4me
    5 December 2008

    i so loved looking at your blog world-im opening a bottle of lemonade-would you like to share…..